There’s a video that has gone viral on the internet of a woman shaving a girl’s head. The video is a little grainy but it is said that they are speaking Portuguese though it’s hard to understand what they are saying. The girl is screaming and crying as the woman shaves her long brown tresses off.

There are two stories that go along with this video. The one is that this girl is being punished for bullying another girl who was bald and fighting cancer. The other story is that the girl had been caught posting nude pictures of herself on the internet and the mom was teaching her a lesson.

Do you think this punishment was too extreme or just right for a girl bullying a cancer patient or dangerously posting naughty pics on the net? I believe that both of those crimes do fit this punishment because both behaviors deserve a strong reprimand to teach a strong lesson. I knew a lady who lived down the street who shaved her daughter’s hair off for being extremely disrespectful and the mom thought she had no other recourse (THAT was a lot extreme in my opinion).

With that said, even though I agree with the reprimand, I disagree with it being video taped. I think the culture of humiliating one’s children on the internet for their delinquency in most cases can do more harm than good. A parent is supposed to protect their child but how can the child trust the parent when that parent uses their reprimand to create a viral video? No good can come from exploiting a child, even if the intentions are good. Join millions and WATCH the traumatizing video below.