Mob mentality is a true liberal favorite. Gang up on one person and use your numbers to take them down. It’s a great plan for thugs… until it’s not!

Everyone has their breaking point, and an off-duty officer hit his after he was surrounding by some young thugs that thought they could get the better of him. Only problem was, he was armed and able to defend himself…

These kids thought they could bully this adult with sheer numbers, but this man is an LAPD officer who wasn’t going to take their crap!

Allegedly, the off-duty officer asked a girl from the group of teens to get off his lawn. One of the young thugs took issue with that started mouthing off.

The officer says the teen, whom the officer is seen holding onto in the video, threatened to shoot him. The brat, however, says he only threatened to “sue” him. I think I will take the word of an officer over the young punk!

The teens started lashing out, surrounding the cop, and it looks like the thug who jumped the hedge was about to pull something out of his pocket. When you’re a cop, you have to assume they are reaching for a weapon.

In response, the cop drew his weapon and fired a single shot. To me, that’s certainly a warning shot. Indeed, no one was hurt, and the thugs dispersed. This action prevented the mob from starting violence with the cop, and it was actually a deescalation of the situation.

Thankfully, the police officer will not be reprimanded for the discharge of his firearm. A police cruiser showed up where the incident took place, and they arrested two of the juvenile delinquents for the physical confrontation.

These punks are the textbook definition of mob mentality, arguing and trying to fight back against the officer in front of his own home. The liberals in the area have already started a protest over this incident, calling for this police officer to lose his job, but he was acting well within his rights.

The fact of the matter is that many in our country have lost their respect for both the law and those who enforce it. This is all simple stuff: get off someone’s lawn if they ask, don’t threaten them, and don’t struggle with police officers. Or, how about this… respect the person’s property and don’t screw with it in the first place!

This cop is not the problem here, but I’m sure the liberals and illegal immigrants will see it that way. The problem is the lack of respect many kids have today in regards to adults and staying off their property. Today’s youth is sorely lacking in basic common sense and respect.

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