Black Lives Matter protesters are quickly learning a harsh lesson in how the real world works, as supporters of the police and military everywhere are fighting back – some with their words, some, like the courageous Marine in the following video, with their fists.

These two Black Lives Matter protesters were shouting across the street at this Marine, who was shouting, “Police Lives Matter” in return. Suddenly the man decides to cross the street and bridge the gap between the three of them, leading to an altercation that became heated quicker than you can say race-baiters.

The story was first posted on Conservative Tribune, but was quickly retracted for an unknown reason. Regardless, we have the incredible video footage to share with you of one of the most aggressive arguments between two completely opposing people that I have ever seen.

It really all began when the protesters started making fun of the Marine’s “Police Lives Matter” sign, which just drove the rather large and intimidating-looking man over the edge. These kids were trying to make him feel bad for holding up a sign supporting his brothers and sisters in arms – that just wasn’t going to fly.

What happened next is difficult to describe, a flurry of insults, threats, taunts and plenty of race-baiting as these two sides went at it in a verbal altercation. While most of the dialogue would be absolutely inappropriate to recreate for you here, you’ll find the clip in it’s entirety below.