It’s a WWE SMACKDOWN! This teacher is taking NO guff from thug boy! BOOM!

You often hear of students bullying students but you do not often hear of students bullying teachers. Well prepare yourself to be surprised. A student was caught bullying their teacher and the teacher taught him a life lesson he surely will not forget.

A video was taken of the altercation and posted online. On Tuesday night the video was posted and it showed the student getting into a verbal altercation with their teacher. The video shows the middle school student instigating a fight with his teacher after he refuses to leave the classroom after being asked to leave several times. He eventually begins to throw punches.

The student was not listening to the teacher but the teacher smartly kept calm and kept his hands to his sides of his hips in order to avoid an escalation of the confrontation. But the student continuously dares the teacher to touch him and moves closer and closer into the teachers personal space.

The teacher got fed up with the students nonsense and pushed him out of his personal space and the student took the opportunity to attack the teacher. The fight went across the classroom too and at one point computers and valuables were knocked down.

At the beginning of the fight the student can be heard cursing at the professor who seems to take it pretty well. While other students can be heard yelling and making loud noises in the back of the classroom.

Watch the video here,

It is so incredibly sad that in this day and age a person thinks it is acceptable to speak and act to a teacher in this disrespectful and uncouth way. It is symbolic of the society we live in and the degradation of it in total. Parents are not teaching their children the basic life skills they once were. Our parents, our school system and our government is failing the next generation.