Since Barack and Michelle Obama have gone out from the White House, their youngest little girl Sasha has been nowhere to be seen.

 Lately, Sasha has demonstrated the world the loathsome new habit her mother showed her. Michelle Obama might be out of the White House however she’s as yet making a worldwide shame of herself as she ventures to the far corners of the planet on the citizens’ dime. Her egotism hasn’t finished with Barack Obama’s administration, as she demonstrated by and by this week while on another get-away that she’s above anybody and everybody. We saw this on her current get-away in Italy when she dressed terribly wrong for her visit to an antiquated Catholic house of God — a position of love which a great many people save as the sacrosanct and blessed place of God. Her same dismissal for religious destinations just surfaced again with what she was discovered doing at the Tirta Empul Hindu Temple in Indonesia.

The real religious convictions of the Obamas remain a secret, despite the fact that there is by all accounts quite critical proof which demonstrates Barack is a Muslim and adherent of Islam.

Michelle’s blatant disregard for the Catholic cathedral rules, unlike she did here for the Hindus. “It’s been the long-standing tradition of many cathedrals and Catholic churches to enforce a strict dress code for anyone entering these historic and sacred places, and most people happily comply with these rules, understanding the significance that these ancient places of worship hold. But Michelle made it blatantly obvious that she believes such rules do not apply to her, as she places herself on a perch high above the “commoners.”

Showing up for a tour of Siena Cathedral in Italy looking like she had been up all night partying at a strip club, many people were quite astonished at the amount of skin Michelle was showing, as flaunted a slutty off-the-shoulder top that was a strict violation of the Siena Cathedral’s rules.”

This is clearly showing us just where their beliefs and convictions truly are.

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