Rosie O’Donnell tried reigniting the ongoing feud with President Trump in a recent interview with

O’Donnell thinks Trump’s mental health isn’t functioning at 100%. With absolutely zero evidence to back up her claim, O’Donnell is quoted as making the following statements:

“The problem with Trump is that he is severely mentally compromised, he has narcissistic personality disorder, and I believe he is in early onset dementia, which is quite apparent.”

She then proceeded to make another off-the-wall, baseless claim against the President. O’Donnell made the following accusation:

“I think he has a drug problem. I think he probably takes Benzos to calm him down.”

and then proceeded,

“He also says he’s never had a drop of liquor in his life. That is inconceivable.”

While the actor has no proof of any of these claims, she is likely just trying to ruffle the President’s feathers. And she should take caution since history suggests President Trump hits back 10 times harder, especially when it comes to Rosie O’Donnell. He has proven this time and time again, just like in the following video….

Here’s the President cracking a joke on Rosie O’Donnell during a Republican Debate in 2015: