This right here, what you are about to watch in this video, it’s this kind of stuff that REALLY just TICKS me off about youth today. No matter how much I want to teach them respect and human decency, I also know that in many cases thug teenagers like this do not have the skill set to know any better. For that… I blame the parents and their parenting skills or lack thereof.

It still does not let these hooligans off the hook though…EVERYONE has some sort of knowledge between what is right and what is wrong, so the terror and obnoxiousness these kids are causing NEEDS to be addressed and they need to feel the consequences of their actions 10 fold…

It’s what is best for them.

Before I go on…how about you take a look at what I’m talking about.

WARNING: The piece of crap actions you are about to witness will make you want to punch a hole right through your screen. You’ve been warned.

What you just watched was a man being attacked in his OWN front yard in New York, after he asked the kids to get off his front lawn and go screw around elsewhere. He was literally assaulted on his own property by these little douchebags. The cell phone footage provided show one of the girls punching the man in the head not once but twice.

If you didn’t notice, this man uses a cane to get around… this is utterly WRONG!
When he tried to run after her a second girl spun him around and knocked him down, to the sound of all the other teenage assholes laughing their little misbehaved, rotten faces off. He is a 62-year old man for freaking sake!

This man fell right on his face and lost his cane, and these kids continued to laugh at him. They harassed him, hit him, then humiliated him.

How do kids become this rotten? Lack of discipline, order, and love in the home…and in many cases there is some malnutrition in there too somewhere, hence the brain allowing the kid to think crap behavior like this is okay.

HOWEVER! There are cases where…the parents did try their best, and the kids just have to learn the hard way, which is what these two girls are finding is going to happen to them.

Now…here is the good news that may help calm your frustration with this situation.

The two girls involved with the assault are aged 14 and 15, and BOTH are facing third-degree assault charges.

One of the their Mothers also spoke out about the incident:

The mother of one of the girls told WSTM that she wants to apologize to the man, saying what her daughter did was uncalled for. She says her daughter will face the consequences and is accepting full responsibility.

It better that these kids learn now how to be decent human beings while they are paying minor consequences…once they are adults it will be too late.