Moments After His Helicopter Lands at the White House, Trump Does Something AMAZING! [VIDEO]

On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump arrived home from a quick trip to Cincinnati, OH where he revealed major plans for improving America’s infrastructure. He flew back to Washington DC in the Marine One helicopter and landed on the White House lawn.

When he exits the helicopter, he clearly notices a large crowd of supporters gathered on the other end of the lawn cheering for him.

Without thinking twice, Trump walks across the grounds and goes right up to the crowd to thank them for their support and pose for photos.

No other US President has had such a heart for the people! Trump is truly serving all of America and he shows it in the little things that he does, such as this small act today.

Mainstream media will never report these instances, so we MUST spread the word!

You can watch the touching scene  in the short video clip below:

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