Kellyanne Conway says, “you’re right about the Democrats being unified but they’re unified in opposition they’re #resistance”

During an interview about healthcare and taxes with Fox and Friends, Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President of the United States said,

“you’re right about the Democrats being unified but they’re
unified in opposition their hash tag resistance. And,
we would love to get Democratic votes on health care
or the tax.”

The saddest part is that House Democrat’s are doing nothing aside from resisting. They are doing everything they can to undermine the President. They are showing a complete lack of integrity. For example, Democrat’s called for the firing of Comey. Comey’s fired, and now his firing is “unconstitutional”. Democrat’s know that Obamacare is imploding, and instead of offering solutions they feel it is their duty to ensure there are no solutions.

Democrat’s are the party of hypocrites and liars. Look at Bernie Sander’s for instance. He is busy bashing the top 1%, all while being the type of person he “opposes”. Maxine Water’s forgets who the President is. But, she sure doesn’t like him. And, Democratic Gov. Mcauliffe claimed that there are 93 million firearm related deaths annually. They clearly don’t know their asses from their elbows.

The Democrat’s have built an entire narrative of Russian collusion without evidence. But, they all stuck together to give that narrative. If that’s not a party of lie artists, I don’t know what is. Their unification is nothing short of destructive. They only aim to destroy Republican’s, and take away the liberties that our nation was founded on.

Can Republican’s unify the way Democrat’s Do?

I sure hope so. Without unification we will remain defeated. Democrat’s control nothing. But, they still continue to stop policies that put the American working class first.