A couple of weeks ago, Florida Representative Corrine Brown, a friend of Barack Obama’s, had been imprisoned and was facing 357 years in prison for numerous corruption charges. This week, her trial started out, and by now things have gotten pretty exciting.

Bizpac Review informed that prosecutors state Brown obtained money from a charity foundation for poor children and misused it to pay for concert tickets and Beverly Hills shopping sprees. Brown, who was the Democratic representative from Florida’s 5th congressional district from 2013-2017, is facing several fraud and conspiracy offences for supposedly funneling donations from the scholarship charity she founded, One Door for Education, to her own bank accounts. Federal attorneys started out their case against her on Wednesday.

In his opening lines, Assistant U.S. Attorney A. Tysen Duva revealed that Brown and two close affiliates gathered more than $800,000, of which they relocated to their personal account, from 2012 to 2016. The three then wasted the money on holidays, luxury goods and tickets to a Beyonce concert, amid other expenses.

“She knew exactly how to lie to these donors, and knew exactly where the cash money was going,” Duva stated.
Brown’s defense attorneys have advocated that she had no notion what was happening and that she was conned by her ex – chief of staff, Elias “Ronnie” Simmons. Defense counsel James Smith claimed that she did not even know how to send a text nor email, indicating she could not have been accountable for the emails cited by the prosecution as collusion proof.

Nevertheless, it seems that no one believes this, and things aren’t optimistic for Brown. Both Simmons and Carla Wiley, the ex – president of One Door, have pleaded guilty to charges associated with this case and will probably testify against their former boss.

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