Here’s The Truth About What The Democrat Party REALLY Is [LOOK]

The Democrats have proven time and time again that they show no regard for anyone who does not agree with them. They are not to be trusted and have no problem sacrificing their own party if they have a slightly different opinion.

Democrats have proven to be something else, too. They have managed to become the world’s most successful hate group. Watching them in action is enough to make your stomach turn. This anonymously-written meme, explains it perfectly:


Then, the New York Times managed to publish one of the most repulsive articles to date. Even without the context of the author, this article is by far one of the absolute most hypocritical articles you will EVER read. The title? “What Racial Terms Make You Cringe?”

The piece features a bunch of words and names that the author considers to be 100 percent CRINGEWORTHY! The very first word is “ethnic.” According to the article, “On the one hand, this is about the normalization of whiteness — if you’re not white you’re something else. On the other hand, it speaks to how uncomfortable some people are to even discuss race.”

I hope you have some aspirin handy, because the previous quote may have given you a headache. We’re supposed to believe that if someone is labeled as ETHNIC, that means that we are “normalizing white.” What is she even talking about?

The rest of the article reads in much the same way, like a book written by an angry 2-year-old. Allegedly HARMFUL words like “illegal immigrant,” “urban,” and “non-white” are thrown around like pity party confetti.

Now that you have an idea of how bad that piece is, let’s discuss the author. None other than Rachel Dolezal wrote that piece. You guys remember Rachel, right?

If not, she is the one who pretended to be black long enough to serve as president of the NAACP. She lied about how she was a victim of hate crimes, and resigned when her parents blew the whistle on her charade.

The idea that someone like Rachel producing written content for the masses shines a light on exactly how the Democrats manage to be one of the most successful hate groups on planet Earth. The Dems are supported by MOST journalistic outlets. Having this kind of support means their propaganda can fill the waves of our TVs, radios, smartphone content, and more.

They are able to reach more people and influence our nation’s politically lazy people. The main claim we hear is about how they are FIGHTING for the equality and freedom of ALL PEOPLE. If you are politically lazy this will draw you in and, bam, you are involved in something that you should have stayed away from.

On their false premise, the Left goes out of their way to ridicule people who think differently than they do. They shut down speakers at colleges and public events who simply want to express their non-radical political beliefs. At the same time, the Left embraces people with the most dangerous, radical beliefs on the planet: Islam and Sharia law.

The Left needs to stop, and they need to stop NOW. As time passes, more people are standing up to these “bully-victims.” Hopefully, we can see a shift where true freedom and free speech is spread throughout out country under President Trump.

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