CNN commentator Symone Sanders squared off against Ben Ferguson over the National Anthem protests. According to Sanders, it is not acceptable for “white people” to have an opinion on an issue regarding black NFL players.

Ferguson started. “As long as the NFL is consistently coming out there disrespecting this country, I expect the President of the United States of America to not attend an event where people are disrespecting the United States of America and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice,” said Ferguson.

I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. You have a duty, an obligation as President of the United States of America to leave a situation where people are basically giving the middle finger to the men and women that have fought and protected this country,” said Ferguson.

“No one’s giving the finger,” responded Sanders. “That is false and you should be ashamed to be perpetuating this lie. There are veterans and folks who are saying that these players have a right. No, you don’t get to. Ben, white people do not get to tell blacks folks or anybody else what is an acceptable form of protest,” said Sanders.

“Not everything’s about race, Symone,” responded Ferguson. “Maybe not for you, it is. But for folks who are protesting police brutality, it absolutely is about race,” said Sanders. Are you sick of these disgusting attacks on ‘white people’? Check out the video below.

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