According to reports from The Grand Forks Herald, a local Muslim man was arrested this week after he called police almost 50 times to say he supported ISIS. Mohamed Aweis Mohamed, 30, called authorities to talk about ISIS 47 times in the first week of February alone.

He also told police that he hates President Donald Trump, accusing him of fueling the “morale” of ISIS, and claimed he had no freedom in the U.S.

The young man also said he wanted to go “home” or move to Canada, before telling police he “dislikes” women.

“The male subject knew law enforcement (was) en route to his residence and said he would run, would not answer the door and would not be cooperative with them at any point,” officers said in a report.

When they arrived at his home, police heard Mohamed speaking inside.

“The suspect would not open the door for officers and continues to call 911 for no legitimate purpose other than to vent his frustrations,” the complaint said.

Five days later, officers contacted Mohamed to ask him to stop calling dispatchers and to ask about his ISIS connections. He is now facing a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $3,000 fine.